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Yermasoyia BeActive Festival – #BeActive Award

We are thrilled to announce that the Yermasoyia BeActive – Cyprus Festival, co-organized by Cyprus 3×3, has secured the prestigious 1st prize at the Local level at the #BeActive Awards 2023! This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication and collaborative spirit of all those involved in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle within the community.

A big thank you goes to the Mayor of Yermasoyia Municipality, Mr. Kyriacos Xydias, and the entire Yermasoyia Municipality for their support and cooperation. Special gratitude is extended to Paralympian Antonis Tsapatakis, who shared his inspiring story, the Cyprus National Paralympic Committee, and all contributors who played a vital role in the success of this event.

This recognition underscores the power of collective efforts and the collaboration between the private and public sectors. The festival showcased a commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging active participation in sports for all members of the community.

The day began with a series of invigorating activities at Yermasoyia Dam, promoting water sports such as Canoeing and Kayaking, along with exciting Dragon Boat races. These activities aimed to introduce the public to these sports and provide opportunities for participation in recreational matches. The Sports Village hosted various activities, including 3X3 basketball games for children under 12. The BeActive Night action unfolded with a diverse range of engaging activities:

  1. 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball Games: showcasing the inclusivity of sports.
  2. Bicycle Race with Handrails: An exciting bicycle race added an element of thrill and skill to the evening part of the festival.
  3. Introduction to Archery and Archery for the Blind: The event also provided insights into the sports of archery and archery adapted for the blind, emphasizing accessibility in sports.
  4. Presentation of Weightlifting and Para Weightlifting: Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the disciplines of weightlifting and para weightlifting.
  5. Para Dance Show: A captivating para dance show mesmerized the audience, celebrating the beauty of movement and expression.
  6. Introduction to Hand Cycling: The sport of hand cycling was presented, showcasing adaptive sports that cater to various abilities.

Throughout the evening activities, recognition was given to Associations, Nautical Clubs, Federations, Organized Teams, and sports personalities that contributed to the success of the Be Active 2023 festival. Special honors were also bestowed upon sports personalities from the Municipality of Yermasoyia.

In conclusion, the Yermasoyia BeActive – Cyprus Festival not only succeeded in promoting sports and active lifestyles but also stood out as a beacon of collaboration, inclusivity, and community spirit. The #BeActive Award is a testament to the collective commitment to fostering a healthier and more active community for all.