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Dear players,

this year we introduce a dedicated Cyprus 3×3 Finals event exclusively for the OPEN MEN Category. Across all six stops, there will be only twelve available seats for the OPEN MEN category, operating on a first-come, first-served basis. Teams can only advance to the grand finale by adhering to the following criteria.

Each of the six tournaments will serve as qualifiers, advancing the finalists to the Cyprus 3×3 Finals. With two teams qualifying from each tournament, a total of twelve teams will compete for a 2000€ prize and an additional reward.

In the case that a team secures victory in more than one tournament, the subsequent team(s) in the ranking will progress. For instance, if Team A and Team B win the final in the 1st tournament and automatically qualify for the Cyprus 3×3 Finals, and if either or both of these teams reach the final in another tournament, the 3rd and 4th teams will advance based on FIBA’s seeding system, which is automatic and determines the rankings.

The sole condition for teams advancing to the Cyprus 3×3 Finals is that they are allowed only ONE substitution of their roster. This rule exclusively applies to the finals and not to the other stops. Teams have the flexibility to make any roster changes they desire throughout the tournaments, but when reaching the Cyprus 3×3 Finals, only one substitute is permitted. For instance, the roster that Team A and Team B had in the final in the 1st tournament will be the roster taken into consideration for Cyprus 3×3 Finals.