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OPAP Limassol 3×3 Tournament: First Weekend Recap ❤️‍🔥🏀

From June 9th to June 11th, 3×3 basketball enthusiasts gathered at Molos Park in Limassol to witness the exhilarating spectacle of the OPAP Limassol 3×3 tournament’s first weekend. This anticipated event, organized by the OPAP CYPRUS 3×3, brought together teams from various categories and countries, including the highly competitive Scaffolding Solutions Corporate, OPAP Open Women, and OPAP Open Men.

The resounding success of the tournament would not have been possible without the valuable support of our sponsors, collaborators, and partners. Their commitment to promoting sports and fostering a sense of community played a crucial role in elevating the event to new heights. We express our gratitude to each and every one of them for their contributions, which have made this tournament an unforgettable experience for all involved.

In the Scaffolding Solutions Corporate category, the teams engaged in fierce battles to claim the top spot. After intense competition and awe-inspiring displays of skill, the championship title was triumphantly seized by NBN23 MOUFFLONS. Their exceptional teamwork and determination throughout the tournament earned them the gold medals. GOC, displaying remarkable talent and resilience, secured the runner-up position and proudly claimed the silver medal. Congratulations to both teams for their outstanding performances.

The excitement continued to build in the OPAP Open Women and OPAP Open Men categories, as players showcased their athleticism, finesse, and strategic prowess. Amidst fierce competition, the winners of these categories emerged with their heads held high. Congratulations to National Team Women, who conquered the OPAP Open Women category, securing the gold medal through their stellar performances. We applaud their exceptional skills and dedication. Additionally, we extend our congratulations to the runner-ups, Remix Team, for their outstanding efforts and impressive display of talent, which earned them the silver medal.

In the OPAP Open Men category, Neoplanta 3×3 (Serbia) emerged as the undisputed champions. Their relentless drive, teamwork, and spirit on the court propelled them to claim the gold medal. We applaud their remarkable achievement and exceptional performance. Furthermore, we congratulate the runner-ups, Rising Stars 3×3 (Greece), for their outstanding display of skill and tenacity, which led them to secure the silver medal.

We extend our thanks to everyone who stopped by to support the OPAP Limassol 3×3 tournament during its first weekend. Your presence and enthusiasm contributed to the vibrant atmosphere and made the event truly memorable. We eagerly anticipate your return next weekend as we continue with the youngsters’ categories and the Europe Cup Qualifier matches.

As the tournament progresses, we remain enthralled by the incredible performances and competitive spirit showcased by all the participants. Congratulations once again to the winners of the OPAP Limassol 3×3 tournament: NBN23 from the Scaffolding Solutions Corporate category, National Women from the OPAP Open Women category, and Neoplanta 3×3 from the OPAP Open Men category.

The OPAP Limassol 3×3 tournament has just begun its journey, and there are many more thrilling moments to come. With talented players, intense competition, and an enthusiastic audience, the upcoming weekend promise to deliver even more excitement and unforgettable memories. We invite you to join us at Molos Park, Limassol, as we celebrate the passion and skill of the participants in the remaining categories of the OPAP Limassol 3×3 tournament.