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Dear teams,
Firstly, please rest assured that our group allocations are made with the aim to allow our tournaments to remain fair and competitive for everyone.

Having said the above, teams are allocated in groups based on their ranking (counting the points of the top 3 players from each team) automatically, through FIBA’s event organizing software.
This results in each team receiving a seed (rank) in the tournament (the team with the most points is team A, the second team is team B and so on).
The allocation of the groups is done using an automated snake seed.
Example (tournament with 4 groups and 16 teams)
Group A would be: Team 1, Team 8, Team 9, Team 16
Group B would be: Team 2, Team 7, Team 10, Team 15
Group C would be: Team 3, Team 6, Team 11, Team 14
Group D would be: Team 4, Team 5, Team 12, Team 13

After each registration we update teams (and add players) manually and any group structure should not be considered final.
For all of our tournaments, the group structures are official after the last Sunday preceding the event.
In case that a category is incomplete before the official group allocation any additional teams registered will be added to the groups in a first come first served basis.
In the same way, any changes of team players after the deadline will not affect the group structure.


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