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So Easy Stores Supports Cyprus 3×3 as Bronze Sponsor

For the first year So Easy Stores is supporting our event as a Bronze Sponsor.

Following you can find information about the company:

So Easy Stores Ltd is one of the largest chains of Convenience Stores where it currently operates and manages 21 privately owned shops in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol. The company was founded in 2002 and belongs to the Phil-Andreou Group. A key goal of the company is to make your purchase as smooth as possible while maintaining the best quality. Thus, the name So Easy was chosen. So Easy Stores are unique. They adapt to serve the daily and changing needs of consumers in a friendly and clean environment offering the comfort of effortless shopping. Continuous offers, convenient prices, a mountain of products found in all shops, and their effective operating hours result all in a strategic visit.

The general manager of So Easy Stores Kyriakos Zenios expressed the following in regards to this partnership:

“Our company supports sports and contributes to its presence, by supporting activities that correspond to its social characteristics. We are excited to be a part of this special event and be one of the sponsors. Aim, to introduce an active lifestyle to the future generation of children today, in order to provide more opportunities and motivation for children and adolescents to experience the joys of sports.”

Mr. Euripides Manoullos, MD, welcomes So Easy Stores to the Cyprus 3X3 team:

“We are grateful for the continuous support we are receiving this year. So Easy Stores thank you, welcome to the team and a playground that is evolving into a great sporting event.”

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