With the wind in your grey hair” is a small collaborative project that brings together the strengths of 6 water sports organisations in 6 countries for 18 months. The consortium of clubs will work on activating seniors (over 60) through sailing and other activities (not only sports) in the clubs.

Project partners:

  • HORN Krakow, Poland
  • 3on3, Cyprus
  • Sport Alg s e Dafundo, Portugal
  • Ankara Sailing Club, Turkey
  • Nautilus Polisportiva Nautica, Italy
  • MOVE to Be You, Austria

The main part of the project will be a Study Visit to HORN Krakow and working with the club’s ‘Sailor’ Senior Activity Centre to see how they operate and influence the lives of local seniors, as well as trying out ideas from partner clubs. The materials from the project (about 15 pages of brochure and 20 short films) will help other sailing clubs and other water sports organisations to open senior activities and motivate local municipalities to run similar programmes as in Krakow.

Many people may ask: „Am I too old for sailing?”.
Sailing is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. It is also never too late to learn. Older people should not be discouraged from sailing as it is a great exercise for seniors. As people get older, they become less mobile and are not able to walk as far or do as much exercise as they used to. However, the versatility of sailing is that you don’t have to shuffle around too much as you sit in the cockpit of the yacht most of the time. This is a more attractive leisure activity than sitting on the sofa.

The priorities guiding the project are:

  1. Inclusion and diversity in all areas of education, training, youth and sport – activation and integration of seniors in sporting activities
  2. Promoting Erasmus+ among all citizens and generations – promoting Erasmus and international cooperation for seniors – showing that the programme is not just for students – but there is room for all groups and age groups.
  3. Improving the competencies of educators and other adult education staff – teaching sports coaches and adult educators how they can work with seniors and get them active, get them out of the house and give them an active and purposeful life.

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